Check out this opportunity for our 4th grade students. Click the image for more information!
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Make your Mark mini camp flyer
Please use the link below to read the 2023 North Carolina School Report Cards. "The NC School Report Cards website contains snapshots of information about our schools, including the school performance grade, students’ academic growth, how prepared our students are when they enter a school, and a number of other measures as well," said NC Superintendent Catherine Truitt. "These resources are readily available for you and allow transparency into aspects like spending as well as school performance. Although this information is important to know, we know it doesn’t tell the complete story. It doesn’t show the hard work our educators pour in each day for their students and schools and it doesn’t show the spirit of the school itself. No data will be able to show the dedication of our educators nor will it show the extracurricular opportunities, the athletic programs, the apprenticeship, or career preparatory classes - all of which have a profound impact on students and growth."
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Good afternoon, BCS Staff, Families, and Community: As the school year continues, we are working hard to ensure all of our students have the resources they need- and you can help! Thanks to a partnership with Purposity, we have identified the most urgent student needs and uploaded them to the Purposity website - a program that allows our community to meet these needs with just a few clicks. 🖍Items include everything from new shoes to school supplies. What do you need to do? Simply sign up at, follow our page, and meet a need with just a few clicks today. You can also download the Purposity App for your smartphone.
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Kindergarten Tours November 8, 2023 1:30PM
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Kindergarten Tour flyer
The Buncombe County Board of Education will meet in regular session on November 2, 2023, at 5:30 p.m. in the Minitorium at 175 Bingham Road, Asheville. **Public Comment will be accepted in person. Members of the public wishing to speak will need to come to Entrance “B”. Doors will open at 4:45 p.m. and speakers must arrive no later than 5:15 p.m. to complete entrance screening procedures and sign in to speak. All speakers will have precisely three minutes to speak and must adhere to guidelines set forth in BCS Policy #2310 – Public Participation, including all reasonable rules established by the Superintendent. **Following monthly Public Comments, the Board will hear public comments specifically related to the required board policies addressing the State’s Parents Bill of Rights statutes. These policies are linked in the meeting agenda. ** Individuals wishing to speak during this time should sign up on the designated sheet before the meeting begins. These comments will adhere to the same public comment guidelines set forth in BCS Policy #2310. Additionally, parents may email comments to be shared with the Board of Education to Given the desire of BCS to provide the most information possible to the public, the public may view the live broadcast via YouTube on the BCS Communications Department YouTube Account at:
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4th graders are enjoying the fall weather by practicing math outside! We worked on chicken themed math problems this week. 🐓 We worked to find out how many different rectangular chicken coops we could build with 24 feet of fencing. The dimensions could change, but the perimeter had to be 24 feet! Next, we worked on division strategies to figure out how many ounces of feed we could give to each of our chickens based on a fixed total of 50 ounces. 🐔
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hands on math outside
4th graders measuring outside
4th grade math outside
Amazing things are happening at Woodfin this GIANT carrot from the raised garden beds!
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Student with giant carrot
The BCS Student Device User Guide provide the expectations we have for all students in caring for their device. View the guide by following the link to know what is expected of your student while using a BCS device for learning.
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Mrs. Dunkel’s Class learned about the Constitution through Schoolhouse Rock….remember that song….We the People!
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Constitution Day 2023
Open House will be Thursday, September 21, 2023, 5-6pm. Dinner will be served. We hope to see you there!
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Mrs. Honey's third graders worked hard together sorting sentence cards by inferences and observations.
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3rd graders doing a word game
The Community Market is tomorrow from 3-5PM. See the flyer for more details!
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9-12-23 Woodfin community market flyer
Don't forget about the upcoming Erwin community Night on Monday, September 11, 2023. Check out the flyer for more information.
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9.11.23 Community night flyer-English
9.11.23 Community night flyer-Spanish
9.11.23 Community night flyer-Russian
Mrs. Dunkel’s 1st and 2nd graders are working hard together on math stations!
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2 boys playing a math game
2 girls playing a math game
3 girls playing a math game
2 girls playing a math game
Fall School Pictures will be Friday, September 22, 2023. Click the link for more information. This link will allow parents to sign up to receive updates via email regarding their child's school portraits. These updates include promotions, additional deals and the ability to order more pictures at a later time. When entering student information, parents should be sure to enter the student's name as it is on file at the school.
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Strawbridge flyer for Fall school pics 2023
The Buncombe County Schools Board of Education is committed to providing a safe, inviting, and civil educational environment for all students, employees, and other members of the school community. The Board expects all students, employees, volunteers, and visitors to behave in a manner consistent with that goal. The Board recognizes that bullying and harassing behavior creates an atmosphere of intimidation and fear, detracts from the safe environment necessary for student learning, and may lead to more serious misconduct or to violence. Accordingly, the Board prohibits all forms of bullying and harassing behavior, including encouragement of such behavior, by students, employees, volunteers, and visitors. Additional information on reporting and responding to bullying is available here>>>
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🎒🖍📓 This weekend, the Buncombe County Sheriff's Office School Resource Officers and BCS staff members will be collecting school supplies at the Walmart on Hendersonville Rd. (1636 Hendersonville Rd.). The hours are: Saturday, August 19- 10 am to 8 pm & Sunday, August 20- 10 am to 2:30 pm. Examples of school items are as follows but not limited to: -Book bags—lunchboxes—pencil boxes -Binders—papers—art supplies (crayons/colored pencils) - Pencils—pens—markers—highlighters - Tissues—hand sanitizer—cleaning wipes -Water bottles—dry erase markers—plug in ear- buds—other school related items -Printer paper We hope to see you there as we work together to help ALL students have a great start to the school year!
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back to school
Meet the Teacher will be August 25, 12:30-2:30pm. We can't wait to see all those Wolverine smiles!
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school related image collage
Attention, BCS Staff: We hope you are having a wonderful summer. Don't forget to check our Employee Values page regularly for local special discounts just for educators. . . .
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🌞 Our Summer Meals Program is in full swing! All children in our community are welcome to stop by one of the sites pictured below for a healthy meal! . . . . #community #summermeals #summer #summer2023 #bcs
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2023 summer meals