Students writing and drawing a project about animals.

Woodfin Elementary was Dr. Rob Jackson’s 18th full-day school tour! Woodfin Elementary School, which opened in 1924, currently serves 130 students with 39 staff members. Located in the Erwin District, the town of Woodfin has historically been a small, working class community. While manufacturing remains an important part of the Woodfin economy, in recent years there has been an increase of young professionals and families seeking a small community lifestyle, but still close to a larger town for fine dining, cultural, and educational opportunities. The Town of Woodfin is incredibly supportive of the work that happens at this charming neighborhood school. 

“Our school is special because we are a family with highly involved stakeholders who work together to support the academic, social, and emotional needs of each individual student as well as our staff,” said Principal Nicole Roberts. “Community support at Woodfin is like nowhere else! We are most proud of our focus on our Professional Learning Community (PLC) program. We started from scratch this year in implementing a master schedule that allows us to build and sustain meaningful PLC work that supports student growth and learning.”