Student siting on the railcar visiting with Santa at the Craggy Mountain Line

All aboard the Woodfin Elementary Polar Express. You read that correctly; students at Woodfin Elementary were gifted a unique experience from a very generous donor. 

Students and staff embarked on a special Holiday journey on the Craggy Mountain Line, which is a historic railroad in Buncombe County. The rail line spans a total of 3.45 miles, and is open to the public for rides on the rail car. During the holiday season the train cars are all decorated, and Santa takes time off from his work in the North Pole to greet families. 

Principal Nicole Roberts was overjoyed by being able to provide each student in the school the opportunity to experience their own little Polar Express. 

“This experience has been fabulous,” she said. “Observing the children running around, riding the train, and meeting Santa is pure joy to see.”  

Ms. Roberts said this was her first field trip in several years, which made the moment even more special for her. 

“It’s hard to really describe how magical this opportunity has been for all of us,” she explained. “Everyone is so exuberant, so as a principal you can’t bottle this kind of joy that is just natural. It has been so much fun watching the students outside of the school, and see them being kids and having fun.” 

Santa Clause said this time of the year is his favorite, and looks forward to seeing all the smiling children. 

“I’m glad to be here today and witness all the excitement,” he said. “I look forward to visiting the Craggy Mountain Line each year.”

It has been a busy year for Santa, but he says he is ready to make the trip around the World on December 24th. 

“The elves are back at the North Pole fattening the reindeers up and making toys. We’re going to have a good trip on Christmas Eve,” he said. 

Santa said that the children at Woodfin Elementary are all on the nice list with the list being led by the anonymous donor who made this experience possible for Kindergarten through Fourth grade students. 

Student excited to be at the Craggy Mountain Line.

Student doing an on camera interview for WLOS News 13.