Bus driver Gloria Lewis standing on her bus.

Buncombe County Schools (BCS) employs thousands of extraordinary staff across the district. BCS takes pride in recruiting the best in order to inspire, educate, encourage, and elevate students on a daily basis. As a way to honor the hard work and dedication that staff pour into our school community, we are recognizing those who go above and beyond to make BCS the best. This BCS Staff Spotlight is in honor of Love the Bus Week and recognizes bus driver Gloria Lewis of Woodfin Elementary School (WES). 

Ms. Lewis logs many miles a day not only transporting students to and from school, but she also offers the extra love and support each student needs. She takes every child under her wing as if they are her own. 

“From the first day of school to the last day of fourth grade, I tell the students that I love them like they are my kids,” she said. “I know that their parents trust me to ensure that their babies get to and from school safely, and it is something I hold dear to my heart.”

Principal Nicole Roberts said that Ms. Lewis exemplifies that same nurturing care to everyone she comes in contact with. 

“Ms. Lewis makes our school and community a better place with her kindness and dedication to helping others,” Mrs. Roberts explained. “When anyone comes in contact with Ms. Lewis she has a smile on her face and words of encouragement.”

For over 20 years, Ms. Lewis has poured her heart and soul into the school community. She started her career when she was the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) president, and the school needed an extra driver for field trips. Since then she has been cruising alongside students through their educational journeys at WES and beyond. 

“I love all the kids I’ve met over the years, I really do,” she said with a tear running down her face. “I saw a former student the other day who is now a nurse, and I was overjoyed with emotions that she achieved her goals. I tell every student to pursue their dreams and education, and sometimes they just need that extra love and support.”

Ms. Lewis feels that the Woodfin community is a special place to live and work. It’s something she says makes this school a one of a kind place to be. 

“The children are the most rewarding part of this career,” she said. “The best part is seeing them get on the bus in the morning and being one of the first to tell them good morning as they start their day. This is my community. I know the majority of the families in this area and have watched them grow up. WES is filled with many loving and supportive staff that only want the best for each student.”

Buncombe County Schools operates 220 buses each school day transporting approximately 10,000 students 15,000 miles each day.