GRACE is our girls fitness club for grades 3 and 4. GRACE stands for Girls aRe Active, Confident, and Encouraging. The group meets every Wednesday, after school 2:30-3:25.  Teachers Peyton Powell and Gina Jones and Dr. Hartman are the group leaders. If you would like to join, please see Ms. Peyton or Ms. Jones for a permission slip.

Our time begins with a walking/jogging warm-up and then stretching lead by one of our staff group leaders. Next, is our group activity for the day.  Each week we try to learn a new physical activity. We do running, yoga, soccer, basketball, games and many other activities. We encourage each girl to "try something new" when it comes to being physically active. If you have a special talent in a sport or other physical activity you enjoy, please think about sharing your gift with our girls.  After our activity, we have a 2-3 minute walking cool down, before going home.

******Students must be picked up promptly at 3:25 p.m.  Students who are not picked up on time will not be allowed to continue being part of the GRACE group.******​