Our school

Community High School is a community in so many ways; our average classroom size is usually at least half the national norm, we have an on-site childcare center that accepts babies as young as 4 weeks of age in order to minimize the disruption in the young mother’s education, and we offer credit recovery courses in which students can focus on the parts missed in a prior course to attain the lost credit in a timely manner. Our entire faculty is committed to the success of all students.

Community High School is a public, alternative high school of approximately 140-200 students that is part of the Buncombe County School System in western North Carolina. The system is currently focused on the student dropout issue, as the Buncombe County School System has approximately 400 students a year who dropout prior to high school graduation. CHS students are committed to developing their academic knowledge base, learning new work/life skills, and graduating from high school. It is believed that with our smaller classroom size and supportive learning environment, students who have grown disillusioned with school can effectively reengage in the educational process. We work diligently to remove student barriers and to help students recognize areas of success, despite life’s amazing challenges.