Student Support Services

Student Support Services

Change can be stressful for everyone. One way to combat stress can be to offer support and consistency. We wanted to give you information about the different supports that we have in place for you and your child.

In the event of school closure and virtual school days, you may want to contact your child’s school counselor or your child’s school social worker.

As your child ‘s school counselor, the best method of contact is through my email. My current email address is I can also be reached by phone at Woodfin Elementary School. This telephone number is (828) 232-4287. In the event that faculty and staff are asked to refrain from working at the school, I can be reached at (828) 782-3329.

Our school social worker, Ms. Autumn Rhymer, can be reached via email or phone. Her current email address is Her cell phone number is (828) 777-6281.

You may want to reach out to either one of us if…

  • Your child is feeling anxious or worried

  • You need additional support with food, housing, clothing, or other resources

  • Your child is showing signs of distress beyond what seems normal

If your child has mental health needs that cannot wait or your child is currently a danger to themselves or to others. Please call 911, Mobil Crisis (888-573-1006), or go to your local emergency room.

Resources that might be helpful to you or your family during this time include:

  1. Call 211 - Community Resource for food, shelter, utilities, etc.