Calm-Down Strategies

Calm-Down Strategies


Hello friends! Change can be stressful for everyone. A lot of things are happening in the world around us and it is completely normal to be feeling heavy emotions right now! You may be feeling very excited about staying home from school, or maybe you are feeling anxious or worried about what will happen next. Whatever feeling you have in your body right now; I have created a list of different strategies that you can practice while at home to handle the strong emotions that you are experiencing. If these strategies aren’t working for you, remember to talk to a parent, or an adult, so that they can help you with what you need.


Deep-Breathing Exercises

     Belly Breathing

     Lazy 8 Breathing

     Breathing using Shapes

     Take 5 Breathing Exercise


Calm-Down Strategies

     Count to 10

     5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 Grounding Exercise

     Calm-Down Booklet


Mindfulness Activities

     Bring it Down - Go Noodle

     On & Off - Go Noodle

     Rainbow Breath - Go Noodle

     From Mindless to Mindful - Go Noodle


Brain Break Ideas

     Let’s Unwind - Go Noodle

     Strengthen your Focus - Go Noodle

     Cosmic Kids Yoga


Remember, I am still here if you need support or someone to talk to during this time. I miss you all! - Miss Yonce :)