Lunsford, Amy (Media Specialist)

Amy Lunsford
[email protected]

North Carolina Central University-MLS, school media
Western Carolina University-BS, history and business administration  


The Woodfin library needs YOUR help! Please consider making a donation to one of the projects on my page. You can search by school name or my name, Amy Lunsford. All my projects (mainly books and technology) support Woodfin students and are tax deductible! Thank you for making Woodfin a wonderful place to learn and grow.

Hello! My name is Amy Lunsford and I am the media specialist here at Woodfin. I am excited to begin my 11th year at Woodfin; ready to read new stories, help every child find a book they are eager to read and begin more student based technology projects! I am one of the few lucky teachers at Woodfin who teaches EVERY student in the building. It is such a blessing to teach in caring, nurturing environment for both students and teachers.

In my free time, my husband (another BCS educator) and I chase our twin 8 year old boys and play with our two cats. I also enjoy reading (surprised?), baking and being outside in the sunshine. I am very proud that my own children attend Woodfin Elementary!

What do media specialists (librarians) do? First, we help children develop a love a reading. This is done by the traditional read aloud times, helping students with the book selection process, and promoting reading for individual learning and expression.

We also teach research skills. In a world where any information, both factual and inaccurate/misleading information, can be Googled in an instant, I help students discern what they are reading. Is the information useful to my research? Is it biased? Are they trying to persuade me to believe or think a certain way? How do I cite my source? Knowing how to research is not just for school; it's a skill set students will use the rest of their lives.

Another aspect of being a media specialist is teaching the use of technology to students and staff. We use document cameras, smart boards, computers, iPads, apps and numerous online learning tools to energize teaching. My role is to familiarize students with these tools to be twenty first century learners.

Please come by and see Woodfin's beautiful media center!