2020-2021 Welcome Letter and Information

Hello, 4th grade students and guardians!
I am thrilled to have you in my class this upcoming year. Many of you know that this is my third year teaching but this will be my first year teaching the fourth grade. We are going to have a blast learning new 4th grade material while also revisiting some of our 3rd grade content that needs to be reviewed as we move ahead. I look forward to reconnecting with the students and guardians that were in my classroom last year. Let’s start the year off right with a Virtual Meet the Teacher Zoom on August 13th at 2:00pm! Directions are posted below (red link at the VERY bottom) on how to access the Zoom meeting and how to download the Zoom application.
This school year, our circumstances for learning are different; however, we have a great opportunity to learn and grow! I want you to know that I am here for each of you. It is my mission to deliver high quality instruction for each student, to provide daily social interaction with peers, and to support families in the unique situations that learning from home can present. I am happy to adapt assignments to best suit where your child is working. My intention is for students to be engaged in their learning. I want to meet your child at their "just right" level and move them forward with a strong foundation. It is my goal to build a classroom community that is affirming to all students and to maintain an environment that maximizes learning. I look forward to knowing each of you, and working together to provide your child with a quality education. I will be in touch often!
I would like to share a few ideas to help your child get the most out of this year.  It is important that your student has a place at home where it is quiet and there are as few distractions as possible. Have fun creating a learning nook! Students should have all of their learning materials situated in this area. They are expected to engage in Zoom learning sessions respectfully, as if they were in the classroom. A daily schedule of our learning will be provided to you soon. Please use this as a guide to develop a routine at home. The schedule will include a combination of personalized teaching videos, independent practice and application, and group reflection and learning through zoom. Students will also have time for movement and lessons from specialists. I whole heartedly believe in hands on activities, and understand its importance. You can expect a combination of digital, and hands-on learning.
Expect my first contact via. phone/email in the next few days, and we will move with further communication from there. Our digital platforms will be Google Classroom, as well as Seesaw. 

"Meet the Teacher" will be held virtually on Zoom this Thursday, August 13th at 2:30. Please follow these directions prior to the meeting:
1. Use the link below to download Zoom as needed. 4th graders will already have zoom installed. I suggest a complete shutdown of the computer if you encounter any tech problems! There is also a BCS contact number available at the end of the document.
Next, use the link below to find out how to access our Google Classroom. I will provide the student join code to our class via email/phone. I will also give this code to Ms. Conner, our secretary. Please call the school as needed. Once you are in Google Classroom, go to the "Classwork" tab along to top of the screen. You will see that I've posted a Meet the Teacher zoom link! I will also provide this link via. email or text as needed.

Zoom Directions for Students.png