Class Letter and Homework


*Will update in August 2020

Dear Fourth Grade Families, 

I am happy to welcome you and your child to my classroom.  I am looking forward to an excellent school year!  I would like to share a few ideas to help your child get the most out of their fourth grade year. 

It is important that your son or daughter has a place at home to do their homework where it is quiet and there are as few distractions as possible.  Your child will bring home a log of daily homework in their folder.  Homework is due the next day and should represent your student’s best efforts.  Expect your student to spend about 30 min. each evening.  I am happy to modify homework as needed.  Please let me know if it is troublesome.  My intention is for it to be practice of previously taught skills and concepts.

One important component of homework is reading each day.  This can be a special family time where language is further developed and special sharing of experiences can take place.  Your child will be bringing home a book from school.  Please make sure that this book comes back to school each day.  Your child can read to you, you can read to them, or you can read together.  Once reading is finished, please have your student record it on the reading log.

The homework log also serves as a go to for important dates, special events/classes, and communication between home/school.  On the back of the log, you will find information regarding our class studies.  Please feel free to write a note on the log when needed (transportation changes, brief messages), or contact me by email with questions/concerns at

All students are required to follow expectations, do their best, and participate.  All teachers at Woodfin Elementary implement a school wide positive behavior system.  These expectations are consistently taught throughout the year in morning meeting, and in any circumstance that arises providing an opportunity to reinforce expectations.   It is my goal to build a classroom community that is affirming to all students and to maintain an environment that maximizes learning.

I enjoy being with the students, and seeing them grow and change.  I am honored to be your child’s teacher. I look forward to working together to make this an incredible year.  

Amy Clouse