Bee Chart information

Bee Chart Information
Bee smiling

Have you heard your student talking about earning bees? Are they excited to fill up their bee chart? We hope so! At Woodfin Elementary, we encourage our students to be safe, be respectful and be responsible.

When staff see a student "bee"ing safe, respectful and responsible, a student can earn a bee sticker. When a student fills up a bee chart, they can turn it in for a self selected reward (see the picture of the reward options) or save up until they have multiple bee charts for a higher level reward. Classes can also earn Class bees for a whole class reward (like trips to Avery's Park, popcorn parties, making slime and other student created ideas) when everyone in the class is exhibiting excellent behavior.

Bee Chart Incentives

Please join us in encouraging all Woodfin students to "bee" safe, respectful and responsible!