Third Grade Academics

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Third Grade Readers Need To:

•Ask and answer questions about their reading, referring explicitly to the text as a basis for the answers.


•Determine the meaning of words and phrases that are used in the text.


•Determine the main idea and supporting details of text.

• Explain the author's point of view and compare that to their own point of view. 

• Explain how illustrations support the information given in the author's words.

•Decode words with common Latin suffixes.


Third Grade Writers Need To:

· Show an understanding of parts of speech- identifying nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, prepositions, and pronouns.

•Form complete sentences with proper capitalization, punctuation, and spelling

•Compose a narrative story with a beginning, middle, and ending paragraph.

•Compose an opinion piece with 3 reasons stated in paragraph form.

•Research topics and compose an informational text with 3 key details in paragraph form.


Mathematicians Need To:

· Represent and solve problems involving multiplication and division

•Multiply and divide within 100.

•Solve two-step problems.

•Use place value to add and subtract

•Understand fractions as numbers.

•Represent equivalent fractions.

•Compare two fractions

•Understand the concept of perimeter and area.

•Recognize shapes and their attributes.