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Here you will find some great links for activities to help students practice speech and language skills:  

Language Skills

Storyline Online
Here are some books read aloud by celebrities. 

After listening to these  stories, have your child practice language skills by:
1.  Retelling the story.
2.  Describing characters.
3.  Playing the role of the teacher and asking YOU a question about the story.
4.  Answering simple questions about the story.

Harry, the Dirty Dog, read by Betty White:

Library Lion, read by Mindy Sterling:

Peter Rabbit, read by Rose Byrne:

Stellaluna, read by Pamela Reed.

My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother, read by Melissa Gilbert:

Streganona, read by Mary Steenburgen:

K12 Reader:   Great resource to target skills in the areas of spelling, reading, grammar, vocabulary, and composition (by grade level).  After you click on the link, below, use the menu on the left to choose a specific skill to practice:

Readworks:  An online tool for reading comprehension skill development with a vast assortment of reading materials.

Make Beliefs:  Create your own comic story!

Articulation Skills:  Students MUST practice with a listener to make sure the sound is CORRECT!  

Sing about S:

Sing about P:

Sing about K:

Sing about SH:

Sing about CH:

Sing about L:

Listen to this story and see if the reader says LION or WHY-un?  Listen for the L sound in LION!

Sing about TH:

Social Language Skills

Connecting comments:

Think before you speak:

See the other person's side:

Listen with your body:

Making eye contact:


Working in groups:

Resolving disagreements:

Fluency Skills

Strategies for helping children who stutter (for parents and teachers):


10 Life Lessons: