Knapp, Jennifer (Speech)

Welcome to Speech!

While we are doing virtual school, I will post activities for your kids to work on their speech and language skills.  

For the week of 3/30-4/3, please visit the education links page (see the menu on the left), and choose 1 activity under the proper heading to complete with your child. These are simple and fun, and won't take much time.  

You can contact me via email at: 

Thank you, and blessings!  Miss Knapp

Office hours during virtual school days:  9-1, M-F.

Greetings and welcome to my page!  
Just to tell you a little about myself, I have worked in public schools and in private practice, and truly enjoy helping kids to find their voices, which is of great import in this life.  I hold a teaching license (K-12 with secondary English), and was a classroom teacher before becoming a speech therapist.  And I teach piano in my free time, because music is one of my best joys. 
As for speech at Woodfin,  I have a very student-centered approach, and we work on all kinds of communication skills such as:  speaking with clear speech sounds, improving social language, increasing vocabulary and expression, learning how to understand others well, and speaking fluently.  In speech sessions, we use a variety of materials, with an emphasis on literacy and creative art work, which are excellent media for meeting speech goals in a manner integrated with academic targets. 
I feel honored to work with the children who come to speech class with me and truly appreciate witnessing them as they learn and grow.  If you really want to know the truth, they are MY teachers!